Cane Creek Confusion


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May 23, 2002
I have a cane creek angleset that I assembled out of scrap metal in a cave. As a result, the upper assembly is not factory, in particular the top cover.

When I tightened it down the first time, I noticed that the bearing cover was rubbing against the gimbal and wouldn't turn. Tried again with a different top cap from another CC headset that uses an integrated "spacer" under the cap. That didn't work either. Finally I added a 1.5mm spacer beneath the second top cap and I get good compression on the actual compression ring. The only catch is now there is a very tiny, sub 1mm gap between the cap and the bearing. Is this a bad thing that may lead to premature wear? I added what appeared to be a seal between the spacer and the bearing, and that pretty much covers the entire bearing. I just want to make sure that no excess dirt is getting in there, and limit the amount of water than can ever reach it. At the same time, my first preference is to have no rattling in the assembly.