Cane Creek Headset questions


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Apr 18, 2002
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So I have a Nomad carbon frame (1.5" headtube) sitting here with a Cane Creek XXC II headset. It has the 1 1/8 conversion top cup and a 1.5" lower cup for use with a tapered steer tube for a fox 180 Talas.

The 2011 fox stuff is backordered right now, so I'd like to use my older 36 talas on it in the meantime (1 1/8 steertube). Can I simply get new lower bearings for that 1.5" cup, or do i need an entire new cup? I can't seem to figure it out from the CC website.

edit: I assume i will need a new race and bearing if I can do it that way. The headset is new in bag, so I'd prefer not to have to buy an entire lower cup to press in and press out if at all avoidable.

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