canfield jedi anybody?


Apr 20, 2007
has anybody built and ridden a canfield jedi?

is it as good as it seems on the paper? short CS, rearward travel, squatting under braking, no chain stretch... seems nothing's missing

any photos btw?


Turbo Monkey
Jan 18, 2005
They are being sold and the lead time is huge. I talked to Chris about them earlier this year but i dont think Ill be able to afford mine until next season. :plthumbsdown:
no, jason at sicklines is, he'll have his jedi LONG before travis (bullcrew) can even get his hands on one :busted:
Wanna bet! :D
Chris and Lance are at the factory right now overseeing finalizations. Chris is bringing back some stuff from there......................:D
They ship mid to end of march and will be here mid April. Any that have ano issues will be powdercoated white, links are still the same as far as colors. Chris and I are talking about raw links as well, polished for him and I.
Lances chocolate brown jedi has been gracing the the races from bootleg to it was supposed to be at the Keystone classic this week, doesnt look that way though.
Jesse got ride time on the Jedi (Chris raced Bootleg with it) and said it was fast and nimble, absolutely loved it. He alro rides an F1.

I like the looks of the single crown on that, I may have to build mine that way, looks good.