Cap forest Saturday am


Jan 25, 2004
I didnt bother to ask cause you people always never show anyway, but the trail and weather were perfect-o. It was so nice we even earned our DH with some uphill pedaling!!@#*@!#

I took a couple snaps to preserve the greatness of this ride and my trail. Hooray for old cameras and gaussian blur..ifoll.volopfpf.//// youdig

LIght from the heavens that said. "You will have an excellent ride"

Craig decides pads might get too hot climbing

Wheres waldo

Perfect trails



bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
doooooOOOOOooood i woulda went! no i probably wouldna
i'll ride Cap with you soon but we should do a Hamilton Butte Shuttle before the snow hits. Ask Oly about it....

Anyways i ALWAYS wear my friggin knee/shin armor OF COURSE EVERY FRIKKIN TIME i ride without it i crash right on my knee. Of course today i climb up a rocky techy section and almost reach the top! slip, bam, gash, blood, bruise, sore, ouchie, the whole shebang it never fails...... :mumble: :mumble: :mumble: :mumble: :mumble:

But at least right on the top of the hill there was a huge rock. It looked like a huge petrified gray whale, so i rode all over it!