Capitol Forest Trails


May 29, 2006
Capitol Forest
No real(legal) FR or DH trails in Cap. There is a new trail being built for human power, but nothing like a place like Duthie. Plenty of fun natural trail descents, but most require some pedaling somewhere. Longer travel bikes are overkill for 95% of the trails. Many fun runs though. 2nd the crowded part. Lotsa riders, lotsa horses, lotsa moto's and lotsa gun fire. :thumb:
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May 20, 2009
no real dh/fr stuff big dh bike is prety much usless up there unless u tryn to break ur slef off lol or its all u got like ma and the other duys i rude wuth but as for the new trail up there its prety much crap its got some little "jumps" and some berms but it turns into a lot of pedeling half way into it so u need a xc/allmtn bike to finish it off lol but if u want o go ride everry sunday at 9 in the morn a group of guys meet up at the biketech bike shop in oly. and load up there trucks and shuttle it and moast of them ride dh/fr bikes.