capitol forset sunday? anybody?

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skin cooker for the hive
Dec 6, 2001
Witness relocation housing
Sorry this is a bit late. I said i'd get back you you on PM, but by the time you posted this i had been asleep for 3 hour already. We took the day to go down to the tugboat festival and after chasng my kid around for 4 hours i was pooped. So I planned to take a little nap and be up by 7:30.... Well, problem was i didnt wake till 7:30.. AM. I got about 13 hors of sleep. I guess thats what happens when your normal sleep time is 4-5 hrs a night.... once and a while I just totally crash out. So, anyways, hope you had a good ride. Im sure if you made the shuttle, there were others to ride with. In a few weeks i'll be ready for some fall riding in the woods. Just wear some orange and have some cards in your spokes... its hunting season again.....