carbon fiber fork strength?


Jan 9, 2007
Portland, Or
So im now looking at carbon forks also(cant have to many fork options:banana:) and im just curious about their strength. I know it will have a little more give than my cromo rigid fork but is it going to be weaker than the cromo fork?


Feb 10, 2008
Louisville Colorado
I've run the Pace 29er carbon for 2 solid seasons in Colorado and love it. I got to honest. I thought this thing was going to break by now. I weigh 2 bills plus I ride with 10 pounds of gear at least on long days and ride the most tech terrain I can find, not to mention the crashes I've had. It is tight spacing for the rotor bolts on Hope brakes and the lawyer tabs are a little much sometimes. Easy stuff to overlook when performance is the important factor here. I have not ridden any other rigid forks so I can only say this one is good. You also can not go wrong with steel.

Zone 3

Apr 15, 2008
hmmm, sounds like carbon is sorted out with these forks:
about how much forward/backward flex can you get at the axle by rocking the bike hard on a hard floor with the front brakes on?

i use 560gm, titanium, disc specific forks that will flex 50mm/2" back and forth

thrashed and raced by 3 different strong heavy riders (90-110kg), no failures in 3 years work and no signs of any coming