Catalog Frames


Mr. Big Hot Pastrami
Feb 26, 2003
Bozeman, MT
There are companies that use what we like to call 'catalog' frames. My question is where do I obtain one of these 'catalogs' full of generic frames.

John P.

Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2001
Golden, CO
If you dig around at Interbike (or definitely at the Taipei bike show), you can find them. They're pretty hilarious to look at, actually. There are still companies selling knock-offs of bikes that were outdated 10 years ago.

The problem, as buildyourown alluded to, is that you need to order in large quantities if you want to do business with these guys. They are definitely not retail outfits.

All that being said, those catalogs are really good for bike-geek comic relief. You'll laugh your ass off at some of the crazy designs.



Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2002
Grand Haven, MI
Just walk down the Asia row at interbike and you will be attacked by guys wanting to give you their catlogs that weight as much as a big city phone book. They are full of crap that you see other people slapping their labels on. As John said, some of the crap in them is pretty funny.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 2, 2005
DC/Bluemont VA
The import export business is pretty intriguing if you could find the right frame supplier.

I just got back from argentina and it seems like I could have almost paid for the ticket by bringing in a dh bike, a camera, a cell phone, and a laptop and selling them all. Everything imported down there is taxed to death.