Chains and sprokets- understanding the process

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Turbo Monkey
Jan 31, 2007
north jersey
I have a question here, and i think this is the place for it.

BMX has sprockets that fit on the spindle. 48 spline or 19 spline i think

those sprokets have 2 sizes. 1/8th and 3/32

what is a 10 speed chain sproket measure?

Are there adapters that take BMX style spindles and run MTB chainrings?

I am working on a fun little "automatic" shifting hardtail project, that needs a spindle drive front chainring, to a 10 speed rear cassette (and has to run a 10 speed chain)

I can just weld a chainring to a sproket, but i would rather use a more "clean" approach if its available.