Changing v10 shock


Nov 25, 2004
Bay Area
ok so i'm changing my 2002 v10's shock from a progressive 5th to an el jefe shock. My question is how do i take my progressive out from the bike? I've attempted to take it out once but the rear linkages are too narrow for me to slide it out. It seems to me that i'm gonna need to remove one side of the v10 linkage so i can have enough room to slide it out. Is it really hard to remove the linkage bearing and then put it back on after im done mounting the el jefe? I dunt have a bearing press for my bike and i'm not that savvy when it comes to this stuff so if i take it out i might not be able to put it back in. I need some help! thanx monkeys.


Feb 12, 2003
knoxville, tn
You don't have to do any of the linkage removal. There are two easier ways.
1. (how sc recommends) remove the top-out stopper thing...the bolt w/ the black bumper around it on the drive side seat stay. This allows the suspension to extend further than normal. Next just unbolt the shock hardware and slide the shock out the back.
2. (how I used to do it before I found out #1) remove the spring collar and have the spring loose on the shock. Next, undo the hardware. Then, slowly remove the shock, minus the sping, out of the front to the frame. Then slide the spring out. Its kind of hard to visualize, but its basically pulling the shock out of both the spring and frame together. You'll have to do some twisting as you go to clear the res., but it will come out.
Both of these ways are much easier w/ the bike in a stand. I always wanted to try my 1st gen v10 w/ a different shock.....namely a dhx.