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Jun 26, 2009
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The sixth annual Mountain Style contest at Chatel was held this weekend, and despite some inclement weather and mishaps the event went off! Inside you'll find some great photos and a recap of the event.

Photos by Anthony Smith

The event is in the books, the champagne has been sprayed, and Whistler local Brandon Semenuk has taken the crown at the sixth Chatel Mountain Style. Known for its gnarly course and sizable features, the Chatel course mixes big mountain riding with slopestyle, providing a very unique venue on the FMB World Tour. Second place went to Reno, NV's Cam Zink, while third spot was gobbled up by the versatile Kyle Strait.


The weather playing a major roll in the outcome of the event, as the organizers were unable to hold the final runs due to high winds and threatening skys. Instead, they took the qualifying results and posted them as the official final tally, giving Semenuk reason to celebrate. Zink will be chasing down the FMB tour lead throughout the season, as will a host of others, but right now Semenuk has to be considered the favourite. After absolutely dominating the slopestyle circuit last year, Brandon has cemented himself firmly as the big dog of tricks, but he's also got the big mountain chops to back it up. His run included a 360 off the ladder bridge towards the bottom of the course, linked with stylish and fast riding throughout. As a testament to how much the judges valued style and speed, World Cup racer Nico Vink managed to grab sixth spot, ahead of slopestyle heavy hitters and big mountain freeriders.

Kelly McGarry, the biggest man on the FMB tour by a foot and a half, managed to nab fourth place.

Littered with hips and corners, the course picked its way down the mountainside precariously, leaving no room for error.

Cameron Zink on his way to second place with a big flip-nac; unfortunately he ball-rode this landing, leaving no doubt that he's one of the toughest mother**** in the game.

Brandon's ability and technicality on the small stuff is complemented by his comfort level on the big stuff. Suicide no hander en route to victory at Chatel 2012.

Chatel Mountain Style 2012 Results

1. Brandon Semenuk
2. Cam Zink
3. Kyle Strait
4. Kelly McGarry
5. Andreu Lacondeguy
6. Nico Vink
7. Sam Pilgrim
8. Kurt Sorge
9. Anthony Messere
10. Pierre Edouard Ferry
11. Dylan Sherrard
12. Tyler McCaul​

Upcoming events on the FMB World Tour include next weekend's Crankworx Europe at in France and Claymore Challenge in New Hampshire. Both courses offer something different, so expect the podium to be mixed up over the next few weeks.