Check out this bike... (from a thread in MTBR)

Secret Squirrel

There is no Justice!
Dec 21, 2004
Up sh*t creek, without a paddle
jeezuz.....that's some funny stuff.....

I guess it comes close to the couple of guys that were riding comfort bikes on the local trails here....there's roots everywhere, downed trees to hop, etc. etc. and these mooks are having to get off every three feet and walk over and around obstacles....(I saw them up ahead for awhile before I passed em...) not to mention the ratcheting stems...

That was classic...right when I came up on these guys, one tried to clear a 3" root...all of a sudden the stem went from about a 3" rise to a 2" drop!!! All I heard was "Clacka-clacka-clacka-clacka".....and the grunt of the dude trying not to fall on his face...I just blasted by and hit the 4' drop off to the right as the guys were like "Whoa...did you see that?!?!"

At least they were riding...but not very prepared for the conditions...oh well. Ya gotta start somewhere.

Ian F

Turbo Monkey
Sep 8, 2001
Philadelphia area
That is a funny looking bike, but don't always be so quick to judge.

A shop I used to race for had a customer who had to set up his bikes in a similar way. He is very tall, but it's all in the legs. Very short arms. And he has back problems that require a more upright position. But he's also a film actor and can afford to buy any bike he wants.