Chicago Skateparks


Jun 1, 2007
Hey everybody,

I know most of can't do too much to be directly involved in this project but I thought I would post up the info here, so those who are interested can contact me and so the community as a whole is informed about what is going on in Chicago.

We are in the early stages of organizing a group of dedicated freestyle mountain bike, and BMX riders with the goal of providing venues in Chicago for us to practice our sport. This project will be done as an off shoot of CAMBR West www.cambrwest.org (these are the people responsible for bringing you the Plainfield, IL bike park), but the leadership team of this new project will consist wholly of Chicago mountain bike and BMX riders.

If you want to become involved with this project please contact me through PM. There is also a public forum started on the CAMBr site, please join this forum for news regarding CAMBr West’s Chicago projects http://cambr.org/SMF/index.php?board=39.0

First on the agenda will be to lobby for Bicycles in Chicago Park District skate parks and see where things go from there. We will put the issue of Dirt Jumps on the back burner. Mayor Richard Daley has made it his goal to make the City of Chicago the most bicycle-friendly city in the United States, and has done this, in part, by making it safer to commute by bicycle and ride your bicycle on the road, but this does not meet the needs of all of Chicago’s cyclists. Freestyle bike riding has no venues in Chicago and is prohibited in all Chicago skate parks. Freestyle bike riding is prohibited in all areas of the city even though it shares the same benefits as skateboarding and gets equal time at events like the X-Games and Gravity Games.Why are there so many skate parks in Chicago and nothing for bike riders? Because there wasn't an organized group of bike riders that demanded equal treatment. Of all the bicycle advocacy groups in Chicago not one of them stands up for freestyle bike rider's rights. We are uniting for equal treatment, but we need your help. We want to help unite riders to address these issues politically.