chinese carbon wheels


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Oct 20, 2005
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Building up a new road bike, and I'm going to carry my current wheels over to the new ride, so I needs some wheels for my Marin. The bike will still likely see 200-300 miles/month as my alternate ride, so the wheels still need to be somewhat decent.

Ny first though was either used Ksyriums or Vueltas. But these have me intrigued, http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Carbon-3K-Matt-Road-Bike-Clincher-wheelset-50mm-Rim-Spoke-skewer-Red-hub-/171075607956?pt=US_Wheels_Wheelsets&hash=item27d4e69d94

I know lots of guys are running Chinese rims on their DH bikes, from a different seller, but I can't imaging the quality is all that different. Anybody running them? Are they decent? Will they lead to my certain death?


Aug 8, 2013
I am running a China carbon wheelset from Yoeleo(http://www.yoeleobike.com/), 60mm depth with Powerway R13 hubs.Till now, i mean after 8 months riding, everything is still great.Wheels still roll true,and spokes offer consistent tension. I think if you dont often let your wheels hit the stone of something hard,you wont be dead. It is not that scary! Plus , even ZIPP can be crack if you dont use properly.