Chomolungma Challenge Details!

Jan 3, 2012
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The Chomolungma Challenge
An Epic Downhill Endurance Race
Presented by: Snowshoe Bike Park

Snowshoe, West Virginia: On Saturday, August 25th, 2012, over one hundred amateur and professional mountain bikers will line up for the shotgun start of the first annual Chomolungma Challenge! Sitting high atop the Allegheny Mountains, the Snowshoe Mountain Village will be the starting point for this Epic Downhill Endurance Race during which athletes (competing solo or on teams of 2 to 4) will test their skill and stamina to win their share of over $10,000 in Cash and Prizes.

“Chomolungma” (the traditional Tibetan name of the most dominant geographic feature on the planet, Mount Everest) stands 29,035’ above sea level and is considered to be one of the ultimate physical challenges on Earth. The winners of the Chomolungma Challenge will be the first in their class to descend the equivalent vertical elevation through the World Class Terrain of the Snowshoe Bike Park’s Western Territory where 1,500 vertical feet per lap of fun and challenging terrain await.

With $7,000 in Cash guaranteed and thousands more in Prizes already in the purse, the Chomolungma Challenge is shaping up to be one of the Premier Bike Park Endurance Events of 2012. Here’s the best part... when the race is over; the party is just getting started! Our friends at Red Bull will be hosting the awards party in the Village and the Red Bull Girls will be on hand mixing up your favorite recovery formulas.

Visit the http://ride.snowshoemtn.com/races/chomolungma-challenge.htm for details and go to https://www.bikereg.com/Net/16431 to register today!

Snowshoe Mountain Resort is the Premier Mountain Resort in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions and home to the World Class Snowshoe Bike Park. Snowshoe Mountain offers a wide variety of lodging options, activities, and amenities for the entire family. Visit us at www.snowshoemtn.com or find us on Facebook for more information.
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Jan 3, 2012
It's really all going to come down to personal racing strategy. The fastest trail down the mountain for the seasoned downhiller would likely be considered criminally abusive for an AM bike. Then again, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to maintain their endurance (and their bike) while riding that trail 20 times consecutively. There are going to be some fast flowy trails as options during the race on which an AM bike could be ridden and would certainly have advantages during the flatter, more pedally, sections of those trails, but those trails are a bit longer. There are also the trails that are somewhat hybrids, featuring some steep sections, some rocky sections, some high speed sections, and some pedal sections. So the perfect set up for each racer will probably vary based on their particular strengths, riding styles, size, etc. It will be wise to take part in the Friday Sunset Session (Aug 24th) in order to scout current trail conditions, self-time different routes, assess your ability to ride different routes at varying stages of the race, and develop your strategy for race day.

Hope that helps!


Turbo Monkey
Jun 8, 2005
Soo... just for clarification, the object is to complete all 20 laps before anyone else? Not a combined time, etc?

And when are we going to get a better idea of exactly what trails will be used? Is it a free-for-all, choose-your-own-path down the Western Side or a select number of specific trails to choose from?

There are a handful of important details that inquiring minds want to know... Thanks!
Jan 3, 2012
A 2nd Press Release containing full details for the Chomolunmga Challenge will posted in the next 5 days...

Please stay tuned....