Clear Channel makes #5 on Business 2.0's 101 dumbest moments in business.


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Sep 18, 2002
Toronto, Canada
From business2.com:

#5 If we accuse them of backpedaling, does that make them a target?
"We deeply regret that comments made by on-air personalities were misinterpreted. Clear Channel does not condone advocating violence in any form."—Clear Channel Radio CEO John Hogan, after disc jockeys at three of the company's stations urge listeners to attack bicyclists with tactics that include slamming on car brakes, throwing open car doors suddenly, and beaning riders with soda bottles.

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Jan 3, 2004
NE. Ohio
I used to ride the road in my earlier years. Doing 200 miles a week was normal. After too many close calls, none of which were my fault, I put the bike away in1977. I didn't get back on a bike untill 1998, when my brother and a few of his buddies dragged me out to try my hand at mtn. biking. Well, 6 years later I am an avid mtn. biker and ride the dirt as much as I can find time for. I guess what I'm getting at is, if my brother hadn't gotten me back on a bike, I would still not be riding. This is directly because of the idiots I encountered on the road years ago... I just didn't feel it was worth risking serious injury or death over riding a bike, even though I loved riding. It really doesn't matter how many apologies are issued by CCR, or how and if the people responsible for urging motorists to commit these acts on cylists were punished... the damage is done, and there is no undoing it. I thought I would try riding the road again in November. I wasn't even a mile into the ride when some a**hole swirved so close to me that my arm brushed his car. He then proceeded to scream at me to "get the f*ck off the road!" while flipping me off. I think I'll just stick with the dirt. At least it will be me my own fault if I get hurt there.


Dec 3, 2003
The OV
I consider dirt riding to be much safer. If the mountain kicks my butt, its my fault.

Last thing I want is to get thumped by a car while riding on the road. If I do ride my road bike, it's on the designated bike path in my area.

I Are Baboon

nuts of sashimi
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
After that last incident, I took all Clear Channel stations off my presets on my car stereo and have not listened to a Clear Channel station since. Assholes.


I Love Cheap Beer!
Originally posted by I Are Baboon
After that last incident, I took all Clear Channel stations off my presets on my car stereo and have not listened to a Clear Channel station since. Assholes.
And I agree w/SpuTTer916 — If I get hurt riding, it won't be because of some careless, oblivious driver.


Jan 11, 2004
Casa de Motionboy
I can't believe what idiots they are for even suggesting a thing like this!

I live in one of the markets (Cleveland) where the DJ's condoned the attacks on cyclists and I only can image what this summer will hold when I'm out spinning on the road.

Unfortunately, we here don't have a great (read: any) trail system -- maybe that's why were one of IMBA's "hot-spots" -- so many riders have to ride on the road out of necessity. Dealing with idiot drivers was commonplace before all of this happened, I can imagine this can't make things better....:angry:

No amount of apologies can rectify this situation for me. If they really want to show me they're sorry, they'll donate some funds and some of their executive's time to a worthy cycling charity!

Every chance I get -- I will stick it to Clear Channel any way I can. This doesn't mean I'm going to attack their corporate HQ or anything silly like that, but I can boyott their stations and their advertisers.:devil:
Feb 26, 2002
Kudos to Bussiness 2.0 mag. for including this. I got a subscription last year. I found the magazine to be a good source for technology business news. I'll definitely renew my subscription.


Feb 18, 2004
Vancouver BC
I carry some 'supplies' in an extra water bottle to 'adjust' car drivers paintwork. Never had to use it... would only be for self defence for drivers that went out of their way to drive me off the road... make sure pump is handy... used this to rap on windows for those drivers who are unaware.. has worked for me in the past as it can just make them aware if they are not... have used my bunny hopping mtb skills a number of times to avoid being hit... live in a city where we ride all year around...
If I ever saw a driver injure a rider, and I was driving, I would go out of my way to stop them...