Clip Less pedals


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Jul 3, 2001
why the hell do YOU care?!
Originally posted by dirtgirl

yeah, I got the tension screws on a pretty loose setting. I guess I meant the cleats. I've tried adjusting them and guess I still need to just keep trying more for that "sweet spot". I was just wondering if there is any guide to finding that sweet spot! :)
Just remember, those things go on the bottom of the shoe! :D

Sorry, tryin' to be funny. :rolleyes:
But really, I was havin' a hard time clipping in/finding the cleat sometimes just because I didn't have it in a natural position. If you've got someone available to help this might work:
Take the cleats off the shoes...Sit on the bike with your foot on the floor (cleatless shoes are on)...then raise your foot up and set it on the pedal. Usually that first place is the most natural...have your assistant mark on the bottom of the shoe the approximate midpoint of the pedal. Then put the cleats on trying to get their midpoints lined up with the midpoint marked on the shoe. This should help when you go to clip in.
Now, I know your post was actually referring to clipping out, but I noticed when I got my cleat in a comfortable position that not only clipping in, but also clipping out was easier.
Just my $0.22.
Hey Random, I would go with the clipless. In fact, if you stop by Bicycle Specialists, ask for Eric(me) or Sean. Let us know you know me from RM and we'll see if we can cut you a good deal.

As for my embarrassing clipless moment, I had been chasing this girl around for a while and she was real close to going out with me, and she pulled into the parking lot of the bike shop for a ride, and I was riding a wheelie while clipped in(don't do this) of course I went over backwards, and rode that day with a nice hole in the ass of my shorts! She actually made fun of me for not wearing underwear under my riding shorts! After that I gave up and never spoke to her again. Also, I've never clipped in to ride a wheelie again either.:(


Feb 7, 2002
Portland OR
first u have to try clipless, but once you do u will love them. they inprove your riding so much. you can also get a pdeal stroke in and it deffinatly improves your spinning. well clipless are the way tot go and you will love them after you get the hang of them.


Sep 28, 2001
Originally posted by Random
I was wondering about clip less pedals. I was wanting to know how many of you use them on your Mountain bikes. I was riding this weekend and my feet kept slipping on the climbs. Just curious if it would be worthwhile for me to invest in some pedals and shoes.
I love my clipless, just started trying them on DH too. Xc they're great, you can peadl in circles instead of just pushing down. Makes for more efficient pedaling.
Feb 8, 2002
I like having the option, so I run Shimano DX646 pedals. They have a nice cage for riding with flat shoes, and the clipless mechanism works as well as any other Shimano pedal. Although as I spend less time riding with SPD shoes, I'm leaning towards buying some pure platform pedals.