Clipless Too


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
So, I bought a new XC bike over the weekend:

So, now starts the upgrades. I am finally going clipless, but wanted some platform action too, so I found these at my LBS, but I think of Wellgo as kinda crappy. Anyone know anything about these Wam-D10's:



Sep 26, 2004
Away in the head
Pretty much any clipless/platform combo will not give you much grip without your SPD shoes - not much that can be done about that though, because you haev to able to twist your foot on the platform to unclip. My Crank Bros Mallets are geat pedals but when that eggbeater section gets wet then my shoe can slide off sideways with very little effort on my part. not a problem for commuting but I couldn't go offroad with them.

Having said that, they are great for exactly that purpose - I can nip into town or down to the shops without having to fuss, as well as giving a bit more support on the trail.

Ending my pointless ramblings, I should just say that I've no idea what wellgo pedals are like, but my Mallets are nice.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Nice! I ride Time Atac (clipless with a platform) and love them, but again, if you aren't running your clipless shoes, you don't get too much extra support. Let us know how the Wellgo's work!

Nice new ride :thumb:
Aug 17, 2004
Va Beach
Wellgo doesn't make BAD pedals. Matter of fact they make a lot pedals for other people(Ritchey is one). I use Time Atacs, I like being able to move my feet all around without unclipping.


Mar 14, 2005
nice bike stinky... lots of luck!!
I use platforms with clip-ins as well. I a huge fan of the older model shimano 636's. I just found two used pairs on ebay that i picked pretty cheap. I have always liked they way they feel, and the take a beating. id be interested in hearing how the Wellgo's are.