Coals to Newcastle-an Australian car in America

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Feb 11, 2002
Well an Australian-made car from a division of an American company imported into the US. Sounds confusing but I'm sure a few of you will find it interesting.
Australia's best-selling sedan is now on sale in the world's biggest car market. JOSHUA DOWLING drove from Los Angeles to New York to see whether Americans would take to the Holden Commodore.

It seems like a good idea. Drive from coast to coast across the US in Australia's biggest-selling car. Start the journey where the shipment of Holden Commodores ends: on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in California. After all, if I can drive across Australia in a tiny Smart car (as shown in last week's Drive), surely a long drive in a large sedan would be a snack.
The rest is here- http://www.drive.com.au/Editorial/MiniSite/MiniSiteArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=50348&vf=28&MiniSiteID=10

Personal edit- these cars are ordinary, they're what the cops use in Australia.


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Apr 15, 2002
Seems like the newer smaller more fuel efficient German GM (Opel) offerings have a bigger chance of success as Saturn rather than the Holden Pontiac models.

I don't know which GM brand is worse, Pontiac or Buick:twitch:


Feb 19, 2004
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Just looked at the pic's of it, what's with that f**king ugly front they put on it!:wtf::stosh:
Agreed, the Holden VE Commodore as originally deisgned is a much cleaner looking proposition than the Ponitac G8. Why did they have to do that macho nostil thing on I'll never know. They did the same to the Holden Coupe/Monaro too a few years ago to make the Ponitac GTO, that was almost criminal.

Then again what would I know I drive Subarus.