Coaster Brake Challenge 19

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    Coaster Brake Challenge has been going strong for near a decade. Coaster brake only, single speed, no secondary braking systems allowed. You will be challenged!

    The series is a month long, 4 Sunday AM meet ups in a row. Points for finishing, more for placing, you have heat winners and an overall point leader for the series win.

    20 dollar entry fee gets you a t-shirt, patch and entry into to all four heats plus a raffle at the end where we give away a bunch of cool goodies! Such a deal.

    If you have seen or heard about is before and want to come try it out, I have loaner bikes upon request. Be sure to let me know in advance.

    Helmet. Yes.

    Fun? Oh for sure! It is not a a pub crawl, your fitness and bike handling skills will be put to the test.

    Hope to see you then!

    More info at
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