Coffee siphon - who has used one? . . . to make coffee


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Jun 1, 2004
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. . . or cook crank.

Directions for use; use a slightly finer grind of coffee. Drop the washable, reusable cloth covered filter into the infussion chamber with the chain hanging down into the glass syphon tube. Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube. Fill the bottom carafe to the 5 mark with hot water and place 5 measuring spoons of coffee in top chamber. Fill the burner with soot free denatured alcohol, ethyl or an ethyl / isopropyl mixture that's high on the ethanol side - isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) tends burns hotter than ethyl or methyl alcohols, but also burns orange and produces a lot of soot.ß This is available at hardware or outdoor stores. It takes about 4 minutes to heat the water, all the water is siphoned to the top chamber and then allow 2 minutes to brew. Once you remove from the heat source, the coffee comes back down to the bottom carafe. Remove the top, placing it in its convertible lid/stand, and bring the pot to the table for serving.


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Feb 16, 2004
I don't have one, but I've used them before. They're pretty cool to watch. And I liked the coffee it brewed better than French Press. The filter was finer, so the coffee was less sludgy.
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Nov 10, 2005
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I've got one. Not as fancy as the one in the pic, but it functions the same. Makes really good coffee, but a little bit of a pain to use. Only makes maybe two cups at a time so I don't use it frequently.


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Jul 20, 2002
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I had the Bodum one (not the electric) but it cracked on me. They are really fragile.

Having said that, it's a super clean cup of coffee. Unless you're roasting your own beans or buying them fresh from a local roaster or getting them from Intelligensia or someone like them, don't bother. An Aeropress gets you pretty close approximation to vac pot coffee, IMO, it's faster and more convenient for one person, and it's indestructible.
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