Collapse (or Peak Oil theory)


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Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/

Friend of mine posted this **** on fb, teh google wasnt a fan of Ruppert...

As much as the guy sometimes sounds like a nutjob US politics currently is stupid. The electric car idea isn't better either. Honda had a useable hydrogen car with over 100km nd a decent range. Germany has a huge green push though the worldwide anti atomic scare seems really stupid lately.


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Feb 12, 2003
i've watched & shared this w/ coworkers

so far, rave reviews

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When i started watching this I thought he was just another Alex Jones or something.
Then when I watched more he had some really interesting things to say...
The peak oil theory is something that will happen eventually, if it is allready in the stage Ruppert thinks it is in is hard to say ofcourse but he makes good points for it.
The fact that capitalisme and globalisation are destroying the economy is something that we can see around us every day. Now im by no means a doom thinker but things arent exactly looking bright here in Yurp.
I wonder if this is primarily a Western problem since we are the biggest capitalists.
Not sure about the pyramid economy theory, im gonna look into that some more but it does sound plausible.

Too bad he goes full retard after about 45/50 minutes into it.
Claiming science cant possibly solve this because its against the laws of thermodynamics? And then offering a simple sollution himself?

He has some good points but yeah, nobody is gonna listen to a nut...
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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
capitalism: the delusional notion of expecting infinite growth from finite resources.

I need me some OBAMAPANELS™ like solar panels, but with more FREEDOM™