Colorado racers, the season isn't over yet!


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May 23, 2002
Where the riding is good
The Colorado School of Mines Cycling Team is hosting the Oredigger MTB Challenge @ SolVista on September 19 and 20, 2009. Events include XC, STXC, MX, and Downhill.

While this is primarily a collegiate event, we will have Open classes for DH and XC.

Entry is only $35 for Open classes. All event entry fees for Open categories will be pooled and awarded in cash as follows: 75% Payback for Open categories (DH and XC): 1st - 35%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 15%. First place will likely end up making more than any other regional event this year.

Race details: CSMcycling.com

Bring your buddies and enjoy a nice wrap up to your race season at a great resort :thumb:

Oh, and need I mention the High Speed Contest?!? That's right, we've got a radar gun and we're asking you to go as fast as possible on the DH! During your race run, your speed will be recorded at a location TBD. The day's fastest rider will get $100 cash money. Simple. :thumb: