Colorado Riders- Team Opportunity


Turbo Monkey
May 26, 2004
The Fix Bike Shop is firing back up our amateur team for 2010 after a one year hiatus. We are having an open invitation for anyone in the area to send in resumes. Please read the Team Statement below, and if it sounds like your cup of tea, just send in your resume to the email listed. This is not an anything goes, discount-club just for showing up kind of team. The statement should give you an idea if you're the kid of person we're looking for. We are taking resumes from now through Jan 1st, and will letting everyone know by the second week in January.

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in joining The Fix Bike Shop Racing Team for the 2010 race season. Here at The Fix, we strive to serve our local cycling community with the best possible service, advice, and resources in order to make everyone’s cycling experience the best it can possibly be. As part of the goal, we seek to support and encourage local racers at the amateur and professional level. We feel the need to do this for several reasons. The first of those reasons is that we believe that racing is healthy for the cycling community and industry in general, it provides a meeting place for cyclists and keeps both riders and companies excited and invested in cycling. The second reason is simply that we are racers as well, and know the camaraderie, sense of accomplishment, and plain old fun that you get out of racing, and we want to share that with as many people as possible.
To that effect, we are looking for new members to join our 2010 team. This is going to be an amateur race team, with our co-sponsorship of the Sol Vista Race Team continuing our efforts in professional competition. We are accepting applicants of all ages and abilities, in terms of performance requirements they are only that you have an interest in racing and are going to be attending races in the 2010 season. More importantly, we are looking for riders who are going to be quality ambassadors for the shop, and support both our general mission as a team and represent our sponsors in a professional fashion. This means using sponsor products, conducting oneself in a friendly and courteous manner towards your fellow racers and race attendees, and being willing and open to talk to anyone who has an interest in the shop or products. A proper sponsorship is a business agreement between the racer and the sponsor, a promise to return your service as an ambassador in exchange for our service as a supporter of your efforts. In return for your service, we are offering a variety of ways to support your racing pursuits.

-A 15% discount off anything in the store, any time.

-Half priced pre-race bicycle service, which will require having your bike the shop in by a specified time.

-Access to team sponsors with much deeper discounts. This information will be disclosed to those that are accepted to the team program, but includes discounts on complete bikes, frames, components, and clothing.

-Access to The Fix’s race trailer and pits, which will provide racing necessities such as tools, bike storage, and a general gathering place.

-Pre-season training with The Fix’s professional downhill racers, Phil Wheeler and Mike Kreger, as well as the opportunity for one-on-one coaching and training.

If you can agree to the conditions mentioned above, and are interested in joining The Fix family, send us a personal resume at info@thefixbikes.com. Your resume doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just an explanation of why you want to be on the team, what you can offer to our program, and your personal information. We look forward to seeing everyone at the races!