Colorado - Sept 22nd to Oct 9th - Ride Advise!

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by simontac, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I will be in Colorado Springs from Sept 22nd to Oct 9th, 2013.

    I am from eastern Canada (Toronto) and I have never been to Colorado - and can't see being back in the near future - so I want to ride AS MUCH as possible (work 8-4 during the day). Evenings, and all day Sun 29th, Sat 5, Sun 6th. From what I can see - all the DH places (Keystone, Trestle, others - will be closed by Sept 29th...

    Looks like only Angel Fire is open for DH during this time (Sun 29th) so I might rent a car and make the long trek down there... Any input on Angelfire?

    Back to original questions. Colorado Springs - good riding around that I could hit up during the evenings/night. I am a capable evening/night rider (compete in several night races in the eastern parts) - but lets be honest - we don't have 'mountains' or elevation like the rockies!! We ride our best out here - but these are little hills to those in Colorado/west.

    I'll probably bring my HD all mountain/6X6" bike. Built up low and slack and strong for most all DH (race Whiteface/Snowshoe/Mountain Creek/ Bromont in the east with it.

    Also - looking to do some 'EPIC' Colorado rides on the Sat 5th and Sun 6th.... I will be mobile with a car from Fri Oct 4th evening straight through the weekend - and have no problem driving good distances to find something EPIC like I have never done before. Like the 'Monarch Crest' trail - which sounds epic, if not too technically tough. High altitude alpine riding sounds incredible - problem is it sounds like high alpine trails might not be rideable come October??

    So can anyone with ride time and experience in Colorado/Colorado Springs give me input.

    I have found Captain Jacks, I-35, and a few others in Colorado Springs that sound good and great fun...

    Is Angelfire worth the 3+ hr trip? And Keystone/Trestle/Etc - all websites say they will be closed by Late Spetember/Oct.
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