Colorado Springs/Pueblo, CO in March


Nov 22, 2009
I've never been out to this area in the spring time to mountain bike. I was just wondering what the colorado springs area trails look like in around mid-March. Looking for a place to ride over spring break. I'm from Minnesotaand we don't have to much for riding the way it is.

Specifically if anybody knows what kind of condition The Garden of the Gods can be in this time of the year.



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Feb 2, 2007
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Your best bet is Pueblo. Spring on the Front Range is at best a 50/50 proposition in regards to weather and/or riding conditions. Typically spring riding here needs to be done early in the morning or on days that don't get above freezing because warmer temps turn almost everything into trail destroying mud fests, especially GOG and Palmer Park. Pueblo due to its location tends to have warmer/drier winters and springs. That said last spring was eerily warm and dry, I was riding Buffalo Creek last march and most of that is 8000ft and up, so anything is possible as screwy as the weather is around here.