Colorado Trials Comp Schedule


Mr. Ho Jangles
May 9, 2003
Just thought I'd post this, got it from a mailing list I'm on.

Sat. May 31st, 3-6p.m., Gunnison (Rage In the Sage) - This is a big one!
State Championship & Qualifier for the National Trials Team. Five sections
each class and $1500.00 in prizes. These guys do a great job! Don't have a
website. Contact me for more info.

COMPETITION)Cash Purse $3,600. Top 8 riders make $.To be filmed and aired on
FoxSports.Net. Bigger and better than last year!!! Event Level, EXPERT & PRO
RIDERS ONLY. For more info, visit www.tevamountaingames.com or call Joe
Blair at 970-477-0111 x. 12 or JP Sickler @ jpsnodab@aol.com.

Sun. June 8th, 10p.m., Angelfire NM (Chile Challenge) - #3 on the Mtn.
States Cup series. Last year this comp reportedly had the largest spool
known to man. Not sure what to expect this year, but it is happening. http:/

Sat. June 28th, 11a.m., Crested Butte (Wildflower Rush)- #4 in the Mountain
States Cup. We're doing this one too. It will be at the base of the ski area
and we're planning Urban and Natural sections. This one will be great. Good
Trials prizes to boot. http://www.warriorscycling.com/

Sun. July 20th, Time TBA, Snowmass (Blast the Mass)- #5 in the Mountain
States Cup. At the base of the ski area. Again, don't know who's doing this
one or what to expect. http://www.cyclecyndicate.com/

Sat. Aug. 2nd, Time TBA, Steamboat (Storm Peak)- #6 in Mtn. States Cup.
This is a new one and I'm excited to see how it goes. Steamboat is a great
place for trials. Don't know who's doing it or what to expect.

Sat. Aug. 16th, All Day & Sun. Aug. 17th All Day, NORBA Trials NATIONALS,
Durango - This is the uber! Mod on Saturday, Stock on Sunday...all day. This
will be not to miss. They are crowning the national champs here! You'll see
all the big riders. The courses are going to be insane. Tom and Steve
putting this one on. Book your hotel room ealy.

Sat. Aug. 30th, 11a.m., Keystone (Snake River) - #7...Grand Finale in the
Mtn. States Cup Series. We're going to go crazy on this one. This is our
year-end finale! Awesome Urban and natural. Big spectator area in the center
of the village. This was by far one of the highlights last year. Big prizes
and the whole thing. Don't miss this one! We've got a lot of surprizes and
lots of prizes for you. http://www.warriorscycling.com/

Sat. Sept. 13th, Time TBA, Salida (Banana Belt)- Gap to bathtub. That's all
I have to say. The seasons last comp and a great one. Put on by the Nathrop
people...so expect what you saw at Nathrop.


Mr. Ho Jangles
May 9, 2003
Sweet! I don't know how many I'll make it too. I'm just starting to ride trials so I suck too much to compete. But I want to come out and watch people that don't suck.

Maybe we can get together and ride sometime!


Dec 29, 2001
I am down with riding sometime. You have to compete though. It is so inexpensive so what do ou have to lose?

Send me a PM to ride. Maybe even next weekend.