Commuting Home , By bike in a Snow storm


Nam I am
Oh yeah !!

so the forcast said we were going to have snow today , bunch of snow , butthe heavy stuff not till the afterenoon, more importantly for the evening commute.

when I got up this morning it had already started lightly , so At that point I decided to take off my regular front wheel ( with a commuting tire on it ) and thrown a wheel that had a studded snow tire mounted, that would bea good call.

road nothing spectacular a slight dusting on the road.

and around 11 the snow Picked up , and the number of people atthe office was light already because of the snow so around 3 I looked out the window and this is that it looked like

from the 4th floor of our building , Yup its Snowing , I go into the woods behind the building in the upper left

Into the woods there is about 2 -3 inches of new stuff Lots of work!!

Fresh tracks through the wall

well I do about a Mile in the woods , and to end I go through that gap in the wall and staight up that slope. incidently comeing down that slope one morning I hit that gap wrong and OTB'ed

Once on the road , this is the bridge that Crosses the MAss Pike . that was best road conditions I would see!!!

this was Proabaly the toughest spot on the whole ride home , the street had not been plowed but all the snow was packed down , and it I pushed on the pedals too hard going up the hill I would just spin the wheel out. so it made a very uncomfortable cadence up this thing.

The snow was really falling fast , fresh track on a road , here I relized just how much I really needed that front wheel being studded ( and wished the rear one was too! ) I hit a rut , and that caused my rear end to wash out. I wasalble to hold it up , because the Front wheel was at least able to grab even if the rear wheel had No bite!!

and fianlly Home anda Snow covered Bike !!

ahh yes a ride that normally takes 50Min to an hour to an 1 and 25 minutes today ! But it was worth it , lots of fun one hell of a work out !