Jun 28, 2005
sounds like you have fun.
mt. boarding and biking i use to mt board then i
broke some decks and called it quits.
but back to the point just wear a helmet.


Jun 26, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I myself have had 2 minor ones, and dont THINK that you have mutch of an incresed risk of concussions untill #3, but I am not sure of this....
...so you should be good for at least one more :thumb:


Dec 24, 2004
now residing in kamloops
BigMike said:
Stop Hitting your head?

What kind of helmet do you use? If you are doing serious stuff, I would HIGHLY suggest a Motocross helmet that is DOT and SNELL approved

yep thats what i did, got a prety bad concussion up at whistler cracked my helmet in 4 places and now i have a Fox v3 motocross helmet

plus they look way better then most bike fullface helmets


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
I had one about 7 years ago, not riding. Its pretty funny:

I was at my friends house. They went inside to play playstation and I kept swinging on the swing. It was a round piece of plywood with a hose around it and a rope in the center. It was built right. I was swinging and I fell off somehow. I honestly don't know how.

Oh yeah, it was about 10' over a creek with big rocks.

So I fell off somehow and hit my head on a rock. I don't know how long it was after I got up, but I had a bad headache. I was walking along the side of the house to get my bike and ride 200' feet up the street. As I was walking to my bike, his dad saw me and walked me home and said to get my bike later.

I got home. My dad saw my big gash above my eye and supposedly passed out /threw up (he can't stand the sight of blood). My parents called the lady who was s a doctor across the street. She came over and cleaned it up with that red sticky stuff (betadine or one of those or something).

I went to the er and got stitches right above my eye and on the back of my head. I was throwing up everything for a week. It sucked.


Jun 10, 2003
Asheville (Fairview), NC
I had three major concussions playing football and had to give that up. Decided not to play it any more when I had trouble remembering my name for about two weeks after that. I am soon going to get a DOT motocross helmet.

Secret Squirrel

There is no Justice!
Dec 21, 2004
Up sh*t creek, without a paddle
Yeah, that V3 is my next purchase for next season. My Flight has seen better days....and about 4 concussions in the last year and a half...

I prolly shoulda gone to the ER at least 2 of those times...but I was never nauseas...it just hurt to shake my head when I said "no" for about a week and half...(Needless to say, I learned to stop doing it...)

I don't crash often, but when I do they're big!! You'll be fine if ya just wear the right gear.

Zach Dank

Turbo Monkey
Jun 28, 2005
i stopped counting my cuncussions after about the 10th one. Several on the skateboard, several on the snowboard, a couple on the bike. Wait, what's my name again? :help:


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Are you dead yet?

I went a second time and got some medicine and stuff...I was eating soup slowly then getting to more solid foods.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 3, 2004
Vashon, WA
ABout two or three. One got hit by a car. ANother on dirt merchant without a big bike. And once I fell about a story onto my face.
I am like Zack Dank.
I have as of last count 13 concussions in the grade 3 and 4 range. (four is the most severe LOC greater than 1 min.)

After most I healed up and felt fine. However that really is not an indicator as to how many concussions one can safely take. My twelfth concussion resulted in an almost immediate and permanent partial loss of my short term memory. (Think Memento.. only not as bad)
This is a serious problem, brain injury is forever.
The first and most important thing you can do for yourself is to NOT risk getting another in the next 30-45 days. To do so can and likely will cause severe injury to the brain. The longer you can go without sustaining another one the better. Brain tissues do not heal fast.
I would park the bike and the board for a good long while, not drink any alcohol (it inhibits healing) and just generally take it easy.
I know this sounds boring, but it is wise, I wish I had the sense and advice to take it easy early on when I got my first few concussions.
Aug 22, 2004
i hope to hang around at 2, 13 doesnt sound fun

my 1st was bad (btw i had a helmate on) smacked the back of my head mtnboarding out for a minute and a half

my second recent one i was screwing around in a little park area w/ no helmate (on my bike) and smacked my head into a tree, i was nvr out but i was flailing around and puked in the car to the er, i couldnt remember stuff for like 6 hours--then my head just hurt, evidentally during those 6 hours i was brutally honest to everyone (told my dad he should have gotten a vascotemy (spelling??) after his most recent addition to the family who is now 4, another comin...) and generally had fun

biggest thing is my mom is freakin out and im worried bout the bike...especially since im building a new bike thats near done...


Jun 10, 2005
Asheville, NC
H20bomberman said:
I had three major concussions playing football and had to give that up. Decided not to play it any more when I had trouble remembering my name for about two weeks after that. I am soon going to get a DOT motocross helmet.
:stupid: actually, he's my brother.

i've had two during football as well. not as major as his, but it's still not good. I just make sure that i always wear my helmet.

Lux Interior

Jun 18, 2005
Has anyone else felt that after a few, it seems like they are easier to get? Like it takes less of a hit to make you nausus?


Future Turbo Monkey
Jun 1, 2004
Ballard 4 life.
I've given somebody a concussion once; she tried to tackle me but I braced and she bounced off instead and nailed her head on the ground and went to th ER and I fealt really bad because the doctor wouldn't let her go to sleep that night. But I've never gotton one myself I think but I've been hit in the head so many times it's hard to know for sure.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
the last concussion i had that was really bad injured my neck/spine and i didnt know it. 3 years later i was doing a chin up and something popped in my neck and i couldnt move my head for 2 days. I went to the chiropractor and he was finally able to pop my neck back into place. So i guess the point of this post is to say that concussions not only affect the brain but the neck/spine as well. I didnt even know my neck was hurt for 3 years. yikes!
Sep 15, 2005
Denver, CO
here is some free medical advice: any loss of conciousness, and especially any nausea...go to the Emergency Room or better yet CALL AN AMBULANCE. We carry medications on board to reduce intracranial swelling, and that is what's happening. All the signs and symptoms of a concussion are because the brain is injured and either swelling and/or bleeding. I see people die on a weekly basis from head injuries (I must admit that doesn't stop me from that sweet 5ft drop though) ,just be protected and call for help when it's needed.