Conerting a trail bike to single speed/street

Jun 18, 2007
Barrie, Ontario
Hey guy's I havent been here in a while, been very busy with hockey/school. It's looking good though:clapping: I currently own just an IronHorse Warrior, I know you guy's will probobly comment and make fun that my bike's not too good. I like it, and I have decided I want to convert it too single speed, and make it more dirt jump/street style. I am going to a bike show in toronto on saturday, I think I am going to buy a new crank and a ss conversion kit. Then it will be SS. Later on I will get new tires, and potentially forks. Do you guy's think it will work? I have been looking at the truvativ ruktion for the crank, it seem's decent. thanks a lot guy's!