Congrats to the Coolest couple ever, getting the coolest job


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Nov 15, 2002
Charlotte, NC
I just want to send a big congrats out to my friends Kristin and Ryan. They just landed the Mountain Bike gig of gigs. They will start soon as IMBA's new Trail Care Crew.

The will be trading in their Buick Roadmaster and various single speeds

For the posh comfort of a Subie and some Gary Fishers.

They arent my closest friends, but damn they are just some of the coolest people I know. We have been through A LOT of crapola (mountain bike access\club stuff) and them being there has always been a part of why I stuck it out. I am moving on, and they are moving up.

They got married at the Mountain Bike Trail

They had a Yuengling Keg :cheers:

And goblets

I think Ryan just finished eating someone that pissed him off. Glad it wasnt me!

She was just cutting back trail, now fixing everyone's lunch with that machete! Damn it I had the burgers that day :think:

If you come across them in their travels give them some love


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Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
IMBA trail care crew....good stuff! I've had the pleasure of working with them on two occasions and it was awesome.

Congrats to your friends, maybe I'll see them out this way sometime.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
Around DC
Sweet congrats i read an article ont his job a year or so ago and it sounds like a tough but rewarding and fun gig.