For Sale Contractor and woodworking tools


in a galaxy far, far away
Saws, jointers, planes, hammers, an endless hoard of stuff.

I'm helping liquidate a decreased relative's shop. Maybe you're looking for a slate roofing tool? Or you need twenty hammers?

Happy to post pictures if you are looking for a thing, just ask.


in a galaxy far, far away
The tools are in Concord and Reading Mass. northwest from Boston

and I travel up to visit Vermont near Middlebury with some regularity so if you're near either of those areas the power tools might make sense.

12" Parks Planer
6" Rockwell Delta jointer
Rockwell Shaper
a variety of contractor table saws
lots of hand tools
some circular saws and chop saws
various and sundry things that I am not remembering at the current time