Cool little fire compilation video.

Dog Welder

Turbo Monkey
Sep 7, 2001
Pasadena, CA

No monday morning quarterbacking from others in the Fire Service. A lot of things in that video yer not supposed to do but get done sometimes in the heat of the moment.

My apologies though...I can't find the whole thing.

oh little background...what you're watchin is Truck Operatoins. Heat and smoke rises and in a buiding if it has no where to go it gets trapped and visibility goes to S#it. so firefighters (Truckies or the guys who drive the "hook and ladder") have to go onto the roof of a building to ventilate it by cutting holes in the roof. By ventilating a building it allows the Engine crew ( the guys with the hose) to find and extinguish a fire. Smoke can get so thick that its like going into your closet and turning off the lights.