cool, unique, and classic looking fixie for sale


May 16, 2005
Olympia, WA
late 70's steel lugged road frame handbuilt by 'miki' in osaka japan slightly modified to be simply single.
not sure what the size is, but I'm guessing between 58 and 60
I built this bike from scratch to be my commuter at the beginning of the year, starting with a brand-new powder coating.
I also made some rather unique wheels to go with it that seem to be quite bombproof (I haven't needed to true them after 6 months of abuse) if you look closely you can see that the rear-wheel is laced in the '3 leading 3 trailing' pattern on the drive side and radial on the non-drive side. as well as a full radial front.
it is currently sporting a 46/ 20 fixed gearing as I commute up and down one pretty big hill.
the only markings on the bike are the 'shimano 600' cranks, stronglight headset and chainring (there is also a nice sealed cartridge stronglight bottom bracket inside that is very light) and the felt 'F' on the saddle, everything else is unmarked as I prefer to do as little product endoresement as possible (unless I'm getting paid for it)
all components are new (save for the frame) and all are high quality, and in great condition.
bike also comes with nearly new SKS 'race blade' fenders setup to fit and colored to match the bartape

I'm willing to accept offers down to $750 (maybe even a little lower) so give me a call at (360) 753-2408 to see or ride the bike or make an offer. My name is Niall, and I live in west olympia.



Sep 20, 2005
that looks quite similar to a univega supra sport +some spray paint, same frame fittings +trim. fork looks like a mangalight cr-mo fork from the mid 80's, cant say i agree with your pricerange.