Core workouts


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
Around DC
So i'm trying to strengthen my core and tone my body more and get fitter for next racing season. Anyone have any tips for someone who has no access to a gym and just wants to do everything in home? I know some of you monkeys workout besides your arm lifting a beer mug.



Aug 8, 2003
The Pillar Workout is a beast. I tried explaining this to someone, he didn't understand, so we'll see if a) my descriptions suck, or b) that person is just dumb.

Lie down on your stomach and extend your arms out -- you'll be in the same position as you would be while doing a pushup. Don't actually do a pushup, just keep your arms extended at full length while holding your body off of the ground, minus your toes. Now, repeatedly lift one leg upwards (don't bend it) 5-20 times (or until you feel the burn) into the air. Then, do the same thing with your other leg.

Next: do the same thing on your stomach, but using your elbows to prop yourself up, not your hands.

After that, flip onto your back. Prop yourself up with arms at full length, and kick your legs up, again, prop yourself up with your elbows and do the same thing.

Now go to one side (this may require a wall/chair for a little extra balance) prop yourself up again, full length and elbow, then lift your legs upwards again. Do this with the other side too.

Viola, that's the Pillar Workout. I ought to do it more this winter than I have been lately... I need to train for next season as well.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
I do my crunches on an exercise ball. Also, for added difficulty, grab a weighted ball and hold onto it while doing crunches on the ball. I have even marked a spot on the wall where I had to do the crunch, toss the ball, hit the mark and catch the ball without falling off my exercise ball. Very tough, but a great ab workout.


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
Grab a book called "Stretching" by Bob and Jean Anderson (First beer on me if you guess the subject matter!). It has fleibility workouts for before and after riding, along with dozens of other activities. Stretching is an athletic and a quality of life issue, and becoming more flexible will continue to benefit you long after you turn your last pedal strokes.