Cougar Mountain Classic Info


Turbo Monkey
May 21, 2002
Orange, Ca
A note from a friend regarding this event, it sounds pretty cool to me-same weekend as scotland world cup.

For downhillers, there is a mountain cross and a downhill. The DH course should be almost a 3-minute run, and it is a unique course in that 95% of it can be shot by one good tv cameraman with a long lens. It is truck-to-the-top.

Because it is unique, the DH will be one of the main focuses of the Fox Sports Net show. And because many of the very best dh riders will be in Scotland that weekend, this is a great opportunity for up-and-comers and those looking for a breakout ride to get onto the podium, put their sponsors on TV, and collect some prize money. There is $4,000 in the DH and $4,000 in the Mountain Cross.

The DH will be close to a 3-minute run, and the course probably won't be fully figured out, because it's Year One, and we need to see how it races then make some changes, but it's a decent slope and I cannot see much opportunity for pedaling.

Infineon Raceway is committed to making this event the opposite bookend of the cycling season to the Sea Otter Classic, and growing it over a span of years into a kind of end-of-season party event. In two or three years, I think this will be a kickass DH course with a solid slot on television, and a rockin event to hang out at.

It is a young event, but it is paying the riders cash prizes, getting them and the sport on TV, and providing a great racing venue. In my book events like this should grow to become pillars of the sport like Sea Otter. It would be cool if the MTBers voted with their feet by showing up and being the reason it becomes a great event. Without the riders it won't keep happening.

Entry and info are online at www.cmclassic.com