Counterparts Review

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Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
WOW. Let me start by saying that I was NOT a fan of Killing Time very much at all. I thought it was poorly done and just wasn’t that impressed with the riding/soundtrack/jackass esque feel it gave off. That said i was very reluctant to buy counterparts, but i thought the teaser made it look miles better. I couldn’t have been more correct. I got home yesterday to find the little envelope from DH productions sitting there so i popped it in not knowing what to expect and was blown away. What better way to spend the time weathering the remnants of hurricane Katrina.

This film is again Directed by chase, and is miles ahead of killing time. There are so many good angles along with filming techniques that set this apart from allot of other mtb movies. I’m not a film guy so forgive me for my video ignorance, he uses a technique that gives some of the footage a "glow". I don’t know if anyone has seen the newer of the cky series but it is a similar effect to what Bam uses in them (awesome in my opinion)

The riding was insane with tons of big names all over of course chase's section was awesome. Major props to him putting about 4 min of him just eating sh1t, just to show he is mortal. Even the most elitist of racers would enjoy this because it doesn’t give you that feel of watching a 20" video only with 26" wheels. He did one hell of a job keeping the mountain in mountain biking and showcasing how riders are integrating street style in the mountains. Berrecloth’s section was awesome with a bunch of snow mobiling, and check out the rock quarter they are hitting, looks crazy as well.

The music, was can i say PERFECT...Music can make or brake a film, and it def made it. The song from "ZAO" during chase's scene is amazing and the opening songs from "the refused" and "the faint" are perfect as well...

Tons of bonus footage too!

go check it out.:thumb: