Couple pics i took today... any good?

a couple guys cruised out on the jetties i was sitting on taking pictures of waves today and started doing some rockhopping/whatever and i thought it was pretty friggin rad because i had never seen any form of trials in real life before! anyways i took a these pics from where i was and i think they came out decent... but you trials guys would know better! are these good?

*dont yell at me for the no helmetedness!:P


Aug 21, 2008
dude those are great pics, especially with the awesome blueness of the sky as the background. Make them into posters and sell them for $$ :-) imo. Where is that might i ask?


Sep 12, 2008
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Oct 24, 2007
Good pics but the riders form doesnt look good.
it's because he is a right foot forward---chocolatey-doesn't that mean he looks weird? lol I haven't heard that in a while... he's looki like je's leanin a bit too and having to make up for his lean 'a bit'... lol