crank/chain(wheel/ring) options


Oct 27, 2004
Buffalo, NY

well reseaching Trials stuff for aquring an Identiti Judge i think. well its a "Euro" BB and he has a set of FSA vdrive ISIS arms to throw in the deal ($35 price point) and a 22t ring. but no BB, no big deal but should i get a BB and when what bash? or should i get a cheap 3pc crank set and euro adapter off Danscomp.com or similar then what should i use for a ring or bash that would be small enough? you can get a 25t chainwheel but id prefer smaller. but if i got the 25t who makes a bash that small? would i be stuck with the small semi half bash for bmx use? Dan spoke of DMR who makes a spider that will hold a 22t ring with an integrated one peice bash on it for ground clearance ect. the "ring thing" who distributes trials stuff stateside so i dont have to venture into importing the stuff, ive been jerked around for months with car parts for audi's and Vw's overseas and would love to avoid that. its not an expensive part that lil spider, but anyone know who/where to aquire such things? anways im sure some of you know more about trials specific drivetrain stuff than me. rear drivetrain will be a road derailure and road cassette or similar parts as i dont think i want to go single speed.

PS feel free to sugest lots of options as im a "real trials" noob.