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Discussion in 'Downhill & Freeride' started by Ridemonkey.com, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Jun 26, 2009
    We got our hands on a couple of live feeds from Crankworx Colorado. First one is up in 5 hours, and the player will always have a countdown until the broadcast in it.

    We'll work to get ourselves a proper schedule to post up, sorry this happened a bit at the last minute.

    Big thanks to Jeff over at Adrenaline Garage productions for hooking us up!


    Updated Schedule for the Broadcasts over the next 3 days:

    3:30 MST TODAY (July 30th) – Slopestyle Qualifiers (basically right now)

    1:00 MST Tomorrow (July 31st) – Dual Slalom Finals
    4:00 MST Tomorrow (July 31st) – Slopestyle Best Trick

    2:00 MST Saturday (August 1st) – Slopestyle Finals
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