CRM software


ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005
I've used ACT for a while and the versions before 2007 are great. Now that we've gone to Vista and Office 2007, the ACT versions we have aren't compatible. The reviews I've seen of the 2008 version are horrid.

My question: Do any of you use CRM software and, if so, what do you use?

There is so much crap I've had to sift through on the interweb to find decent information and after a few hours, I've found very little constructive reviewing. I basically need software that manages my contacts, reminds me of meetings and whatnot, provides me a complete history of exchange between clients, synchs with PDAs and other machines, etc...everything that ACT does.

Any suggestions would be of great help.


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If you were happy with the old ACT!, why not just move to the new version, regardless of reviews?

FWIW, I operate a MS CRM for 100+ users. It's very customizable, but I wouldn't look at a full blown system like this unless you have lots of users and need lots of special stuff.

What about something like salesforce.com?


Cranky Pants
Nov 10, 2004
What about MS's Business Contact Manager?

Pretty simple to use.