Crown Race help


Jan 4, 2013
Well, I'm deciding to build up my old 2009 compulsion again. The issue is, I took the old fork off of it, took it to Provo with me (I'm from Nevada, attending college in Provo), and when I got there, realized I forgot to take my crown race off. I removed it at a shop, threw it in my backpack, and now, 4 months later, I can't find it. I got a new fork for my compulsion ready to go, but no crown race. I need help getting the right new one.

Here's what I know.

I got the frame from Cam Zink. I'm assuming when felt gave him the frame while he was sponsored by them, they gave him the headset as well. All I have are 2 bearings, some spacers, and an FSA topcap (Headset cover thing) that doesn't fit. I'm assuming the FSA cover doesn't fit because the frame came with a "Integrated 1-1/8" Aheadset--Cane Creek Type 45 Degree Sealed Cartridge Bearing, with Alloy Laser Top Cap, Custom Curved 1 x 15mm + 2 x 5mm Straight Washers"

I've looked for this headset, and apparently Cane creek swapped to a new more standard headset method in 2011, so There's no info about this headset left, but from what I understand I just need a 45 degree crown race right? SO this will work?


From what I remember, it looks similar to my old one. Do ya'll think it will work? If it won't can you link me to one that will work? I'm going to try to race on this bike on friday (Dual slalom) and would love to have it up and running. If I can't, I'll just race my Faith, no big deal.