Curtis Bikes

Jun 19, 2009
Hi everyone! im new to this forum, quick hello to start off.

I ride trails, street and trials on the same bike and im looking for a smaller frame.

Has anyone got a Curtis T24 street trials frame? I want to put a 80mm fork on it (lowered Argyle 318) but i dont know if that will mess up the geometry too much? I want a 24" disc only frame for trials and street with 80mm suspension, any recommendations?

What are your opinions on Curtis Bikes? Their hand built frames look sweet and customer service seems decent, just have never spoken to anyone that owns one of their frames.

Thanks for any help


not worthy of a Rux.
Jun 22, 2009
im pretty sure they can do something custom for you to fit in a lowered fork if you speak to them.

Ive seen other curtis bikes with custom geo in various magazines and stuff so im sure they dont have a problem with it