custom jersey/short silkscreening


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hi monkeys,

anyone out there who has had a positive experience having custom silkscreen logos on bike shirts and shorts please recommend your vendor. I'm specifically looking for a vendor who will do short production runs (fewer then 10 shirts and shorts per run).

alternately any monkeys ever try to do their own silkscreens on bike shirts/shorts? if so what worked and didn't work?




Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
I'm extremely partial to Voler. They have supported me for the past 10+ years. I have had 4 different jerseys and t's made by them. They have a semi-custom program on their site, so you can design your own gear. Yes, it gets cheaper as you order more, and the clothing selection is slightly limited. However, the turn-around time once design is approved is amazing. They also have a full-on custom program, though you have to order 24+ to get the pricing.