custom tuned shock for IH sunday - is it worth it?

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hi guys,
Well I reached point where I can afford most of the frames, next year im gonna roll into masters category (30 years old) and I have been thinking about buying some new frame/bike. Thing is that in previous years I tried many non IH sunday options like Operator, Revolt, Wilson and more, I always ended up selling those frames and got myselt Sunday back. Not sure if its the geo or how the bike response but just love it that much and I feel like Im "at home" on it :)...Only problem is that I dont like that Im always pinning it at the end of stroke of rear shock, goes through travel too easily. Currently vivid 5.1 is on and its far te best I had so far (elka,fox,5th element etc.) I just feel that need to try some new modern desings but at the other hand Im thinking about staying with Sunday. How about custom tuning? is it really worth it? Can those shocks be tuned to keep up mid travel part of it?...Im looking for some experience of the guys that manage to deal with Sundays + custom shocks tuning. I would appreciate some shares....
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Jul 24, 2009
Shouldnt be a problem to tune the Vivid for better end stroke copression control. I had TF give my Vivid air more mid and end stroke compression for my previous Demo 8. Had a Sunday before that and would say the same thing on a Vivid on the Sunday, so try to find a good tuner for your Vivid. An option would be to go to a Vivid Air, then it would ramp up much better.


Pig my fish!
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May 23, 2002
borcester rhymes
Uh, I think it's the end stroke that needs the most help on the Sunday. Ideally you need a bit of end stroke progression, which comes via a boost valve or air spring ramp up. The most ideal option is an rc4, as you can dial in exactly where you want the progression to hit and how much of it. I didn't like my dhx, but it kind of does the same thing. Apparently you can fit a vivid air on it, which doesn't add damping progression, but will ramp up the spring rate, so it shouldn't blow through travel too much.

I have a vivid air and it works pretty well. I would love to have more compression adjustment, but it's not noticeable as an air shock vs coil, so I'm happy.

I think the Sunday struck a lot of chords in that it was stiff, durable, and not heavy. Plus cheap. If it were easi Er to fit a shock, and didnt have the end stroke "regression", I think it would be even better...of course, that's pretty much what the dhr and pivot thing are, so I'd probably spring for a new dhr with rc4 for 1800 over a $700 newish Sunday with fresh bearings a new shock and a ground out linkage...


Chelsea from Seattle
Apr 28, 2007
I own a DW DHR and have a bunch of time on a Sunday. The Sunday is a good bike, but man, especially for what they're going for these days, the DHR absofvckinglutely blows it out of the water.