Cycling Food Questionnaire - Help me out if you can!

Sep 12, 2004
So i have to do a project about food for my industrial design course. i choose cycling food as my topic so im just trying to get input from any rider who eats on their bike (road, xc, cyclecross....antyhing) and use cycling food products (ie - powergels, clif bars...etc.)

please please help me out by answering the questions in a post - you dont have to answer all of them if you dont want.

thanks in advance for all your help!!!

Type of Riding –

Any Racing –

Avg Mileage/Week –

1. What types of cycling foods do you bring with you on rides?

Gel packs – think gu or powergel

Water w/ energy mix

Solid bars – think powerbar

Or something like clif bar, or something like clif shot blocks)?

2. Which style/type of cycling food (from list above) do you most prefer and why?

3. Do you determine how much cycling food to take based on the mileage or length of time of the ride?

4. Where do you keep your cycling food? (jersey pocket, under shorts, taped to TT…)

5. Have you ever used anything similar to the GU reusable flask gel system (http://www.gusports.com/html/acc_flask.htm)? If so, what did you like or dislike about it?

6. Do you prefer cycling foods that are single serves (like a gel pack) or something you can control the portions and eat continuously over the duration of the ride (like a clif bar)?

7. What difficulties have you experienced with cycling food and eating it while on your ride? (is it messy, hard to open, hard to eat, hard to dispose of when done…etc?)

8. Have you ever had a hard time trying to open/eat a gel pack of any type? If so why.

9. Would you be interested in a reusable gel system if it was small, not messy, and would fit comfortably in your jersey? If so, should the size of the pack be that of a single gel pack or larger?

10. In terms of single use gel packs, do you think the amount of gel in each pack is a good quantity or would you prefer it if each gel pack hard more?

11. Overall, do you think there is room for improvement in cycling food delivery methods? Meaning, how gel packs are designed with the current tear off systems, how items like powerbars and clif bars are wrapped…etc.

12. If you race road, xc, or cyclocross, are there specific problems that arise with eating and racing?