D-Street 24 Rebound Problem


Aug 15, 2004
Ok here's the deal. The rebound was way too high on my fork so I changed the oil to 15 weight filling it 45-50 mm from the top with the springs out on both sides. Put 12 psi in each air cap and the rebound is still like a pogo stick! When I took the fork apart to fill with oil I didn't see any rebound adjustment but the tech guy I called told me to adjust the rebound in the right leg even though the owner's manual says there isn't a rebound adjustment. He said it still might have it? So before I go drain all the oil out and most likely not finding an adjustment I'd thought I'd ask you guys what to do. Has anyone had any experience with this fork and know this problem?
Sep 10, 2001
Your biggest problem is probably the 12 psi in each leg... Unless there is a problem with the SSV valve itself... But that should have aluminum valves in there, so that doesn't seem likely... Call our tech department and talk to Ronnie.. If anybody can figure out your problem, he can.