Daily log or Journal software


Turbo Monkey
Jul 10, 2001
Shut up and ride...
I'm looking for a daily log or journal software to track IT/Lit. Tech support issues and a journal of what I've done, or am doing. My boss is a huge "C*^@", and want to cover my ass as far as her bullsh!t is concerned. I've caught her outright lying about issues, and want to document EVERYTHING and everyday.

At least with something like this I can revert back to it, and answer specific questions I may not readily remember. I'd also like to track all the times she's late and takes two hour lunches. I come in an hour early EVERYDAY, usually stay late EVERYDAY, and the one day I do leave early, after requesting it a week prior, I get sh!t for it.

So, a journal would document and track everything. What do other IT or similar folks use? Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcomed!