Dakine Hot Laps Gripper


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
Here is my quick and dirty review and thoughts on this thing after some use.

Honestly, I personally would not recommend it unless you can stuff it completely full and have flat/thick frame tubing like a Santa Cruz or something.

Some rubbing points...
  • There is not enough of the "loop" side of velcro, in two spots. There needs to be more velcro on the closing flap, as with it not being stuff full, the velcro doesn't really do much. It could also use more on the frame strap, so on thinner tubing you don't have the end of it rubbing against your leg or whatever (without cutting the strap).
  • The pocket is completely open, with two flimsy stretchy pieces of material on the side. Have to be careful when packing stuff or else you could end up losing items out the sides/bottom. See pic below.
  • The material that sits against the frame, in my opinion, is a little hard. It doesn't actually grip the rounding tubing on my bike; I had to cut a piece of inner tube and stick it in there, to prevent the whole thing from swing around. That piece is also extremely stiff, so on round tube, it doesn't conform to it all.
  • The frame strap is also kind of awkward, it has no stretch to it so you really have to reef on it. And if the thing isn't full, the bag turns into this oblong shape, making the open sides a little bigger. I've had to stick everything inside of it into a bag.
The material on the inside pouch has also pulled through the stitching on this one, after not much use.

Anyways, thats my quick review.

Girlfriend has a Race Face tool bag thing, which better at some of these points, but is much smaller.

Pic of the openings on the sides, perfect for your tire levers or whatever to vibrate out of.

Side shot. This was right after strapping it to the bike, but over time it will slowly elongate. I don't have it stuffed completely full, no room, so the strap ends up being off center by quite a bit. And the velcro on the flap with the co2 cartridge isn't really doing anything.