Damn woods parties!

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Casey-Ryan, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Listen I get it I was in High School not to long ago but come on, pick up your trash and shiz in the woods. A few friends of mine and I were riding in Dogtown before a cop pulled up to us and said that the woods were closed because of a fire warning! This is because some kids got drunk and had a bonfire in the woods and now they are freaking out about it.

    Then did a light trail ride in Breakheart last week and the trails were covered in beer cans.

    After that maddog and I were riding the fells and the place was covered in Broken Glass, Which is the last place Boston base trail riders want to deal with the friends of the fells.

    Then a few days ago I am out riding Gorden Woods on my way to "shift lever" and some hiking, photographer jackass is telling me to put a leash on my dog in the woods or he was going to call the cops on me, I kept riding and this guy continued to bust my chops from a distance.

    To make matter worse then that after riding breakheart I went to go grab a few beers with some friends of mine at the Fat cactus where come cop from route one followed me to the parking lot and told us to leave because he thought we were parking there for the Lynn woods.

    I am starting to run out of local places I can go before getting harrassed either biking or drinking. :/
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  2. Sandwich

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    May 23, 2002
    chelmsford? The fells is kind of a terrible place, it sounds like. Hurrld parker is good too. Ipswitch?
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    a cop told you to leave the Cactus parking lot? I know the owners put a ban on parking and riding out of there a few years back and once the Dog was sold you can't park out back there anymore. why don't you try riding HP or Willowdale. if you go on the DCF's site you can get trail maps. Willowdale connects to 2 or 3 other state forests up there